Find your old bras.

Put your bras into

Wacoal Bra

Recycling bags. 

Bring Recycling Bags to Wacoal stores.



Bags of bras will be processed into Refused Derived Fuel (RDF)

RDF which are selected-waste and
by-products are with recoverable calorific value that can be used as fuel in cement kiln,
replacing portion of
conventional fossil
fuel, like coal.

Other than being
option for fossil fuel, fluff fuel has a calorific value of 6500 – 8000 kcal/kg and ash content of
approximately 10%

Promo Mechanics:

1. Ask our beauty adviser for a Bra Recycle Bag. This bag can contain approximately 4 bras.

2. Any worn-out, unwanted or unfitted bras, regardless of its condition/brand may be inserted in the Bra Recycle Bag. It must be sealed using the sticker at the top edge of
the bag.


3. Any other bag than the Bra Recycle bag given by our Beauty Advisers would not be


4. Drop of your Bra Recycle bag into Wacoal bra recycling bin.

5. For every one Bra Recycle bag, customer is entitled to a Free Wacoal Reusable bag/Wacoal Tissue Holder/Wacoal Fan (Freebies are subject to availability per branch and until supplies last)




Our Promise:


All Bra Recycle Bags delivered to us will not be unsealed, and will be directly processed into Fluff Fuel.




Fluff fuel is produced thru raw plastic materials. It provides a more eco-friendly, space saving and affordable option as compared to other types of fossil fuels. Fluff Fuels have a calorific value of 6,500~8,000 kcal/kg and ash content of approx. 10%, and they are most often used as
alternatives to coal or heavy oil in paper manufacturers in Japan and cement companies overseas.


The name ”Fluff Fuel” comes from the word fluffy, and they are one of the highest grade of RDF (or Refuse Derived Fuel). The Fluff Fuels are produced through shredding, compressing and packaging (Baling) of:

 Plastics
 Papers
 Fibers


GUUN Co. Ltd. In Consolacion, Cebu City will produce high quality fluff fuel from old bras to provide alternative fuel to cement producers in Cebu.


Where to drop off your recycled bags?

- Ayala Malls Circuit Makati  - Ayala Malls Vertis North  - Robinsons Place Manila  - UPTOWN Mall 

- UP Town Quezon City  - Venice Grand Canal Mall  - Vista Mall Santa Rosa Laguna  - SM Seaside Cebu


Direct Sales Branches:

- Direct Sales Ayala Ave, Makati  - Direct Sales Quezon Ave, Quezon City  - Direct Sales Starmall, Muntinpula

- Direct Sales Recto Ave, Davao City  - Direty Sales Capitol Cite, Cebu City  - Direct Sales San Fernando Pampanga

- Direct Sales Ilo Ilo City  - Direct Sales Cagayan De Oro City


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